Paintings Captivate Your Heart

Flamenco is my pen name. This is my trademark, where I signed all my paintings and sell them to all my clients online or through an art gallery. Every painting I created is an epitome of my heart desires. When you take a glimpse of all of my masterpieces, you will see that there is a part of me shown on every stroke, color, and shapes. You will be able to see who I am as an artist, as a person who loves what I am doing.

The Artist

I have not undergone any formal training in painting. I have learned everything on my own and through readings from books and studying the lives of famous painters. Every time I paint, it is as if I am transformed to another world and all that is left is me, my canvas, my paintbrush, and oil pastels. I am at my happiest when I do my first stroke and end it with the last one. I am definitely proud of every painting I have done during the course of my career. Even today, I am still doing what I love the most and have made people happy every time they see my art pieces.

What I Can Do For You

I do painting and I love it. Painting has been my passion. With this, I am also offering my talent to those who love art or would want to see my art skills come into life. I can make you as my model and paint you sitting in your garden, or even paint your lovely daughter as she cradles in your arms, falling asleep. I capture every bit of emotion present on every subject. This is my strength and has been strongly manifested on all my artworks.

The Beauty of Art